Fans reflect on the Beijing EPrix #FanShare

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We asked you guys to let us know what you made of the first ever Formula E race in 140 characters and here are some of your reactions:

@eracing_net Impressive start into the future of racing. Some minor problems but at least the series knows what to improve now.

@alexf1man good race, shame the camera angles made the cars look even slower! And what a sad way to end for Nick Heidfeld. 

@F1_fan_1 it was awesome to watch this new discipline , i enjoyed it alot and except the aweful accident everything was cool

@kkapilaggarwal the race is very interesting but it should be more than 1 hour like 3 cars per driver 🙂

@LiviaCastrioto  qualifying sooooö boooring!

@IzzyKennedy A bit slow on formation lap and safety car. Pit stops need to drop minimum time. Great racing and sounds surprisingly good!

@hedgeryhoops a race fought closer than we could have thought, great battling throughout for a fresh and exciting new series!

@MattHunter09 Great to see sideways action from these new cars. The noise is certainly unique.

@mynameisdomii The last lap was horrible… how easly you can lost great position!!! However I’ll definately go to FE in Berlin!

@dibird21 pit stops too long. Could be used for strategy/tactics if minimum time was lowered

@myformula_e Plenty to think about. Great drama. Need to work on swap overs. Not convinced by fan boost. Amazing overtaking action!

@richard_mackin just watched the highlights show, proper racing with proper drivers!

@richard_mackin they sound pretty cool, it’s like watching Tron

@ploddingpiggy been a fab start and should definitely dispel any doubters!

@Drogyn1701 I loved it. Only patience I have to exercise is for the long wait between races. Hoping for a more crowded calendar in 2015.

@_Ryan_LH44 A brilliant race! Some close racing and good overtakes! The future is bright!

@One80Darts Awesome event. This will develop into an awesome series

@ClshahCs it sounds like a pack of huge rc cars. I like it

@liamthenry Outstanding opener. Montagny magnificent. Di Grassi gifted. Pitstops prolonged. Heidfeld harpooned. Prost punished.

A largely positive reaction we’d say! Formula E is off to a great start.

Keep your opinions coming in to us @FormulaEDiary

Written by Tom Clancy


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