What to expect when #FormulaE returns.

After nearly a 2 month hiatus, Formula E finally returns to our TV screens, as the electric circus is welcomed to Putrajaya, Malaysia. What should we expect from this street circuit?

The Circuit

The racetrack in China had to be squeezed around a former Olympic Village and as a result the track layout was rather uninspired, with multiple straights separated by tight chicanes. The street circuit in Putrajaya is rather different, as Mahindra Racing’s Karun Chandok demonstrates:

The track clearly has much more flow than traditional street circuits, mainly due to the variety of corners it has. Whilst turns 5 and the hairpin will require good mechanical grip and low speed traction, turns 8 and 9 are clearly much quicker than anything China threw at the drivers. This is a track where the confident drivers will really be able to throw the cars into the corners whilst others will simply be trying to avoid the walls. Overtaking should also be possible, particularly into T1 and hairpin.


If you’re a fan of Formula 1, you’ll be well aware that Malaysian weather is fairly predictable; it will be hot, humid and wet, quite possible all at the same time. Weather forecasts suggest that rain is likely at one point, if not throughout the whole day, so for the first time we’ll get a true indication of what these cars can do in the rain. It’s worth remembering that the tyres used by these cars can work in both wet and dry conditions, so don’t expect multiple tyre changes!

Form Guide

The e.dams Renault team were simply unstoppable throughout testing but Nicolas Prost’s last minute move on Nick Heidfeld Venturi denied the pair of them a podium in Beijing. It would be foolish to look past either team heading into Malaysia as both teams seemed on top of the battery technology and Nick Heidfeld’s power management in Beijing was very impressive, allowing him to pull a last minute move on Prost from seemingly out of nowhere The Mahindra team will also be looking to threaten the podium, with Chandok impressing in China whilst Bruno Senna will be looking to bounce back from an incredibly disappointing opening race. Fanboost could also make a difference, although we have a feeling that Nicolas Prost won’t be receiving many votes this time round…

Have you missed Formula E? What do you want to see this weekend?

You can leave a comment below, or tweet us @formulaediary.

Written by: Anil Parmar


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