#FanBoost Changes

In-Race #FanBoost Voting

As was the goal with #FanBoost since the innovative fan-engaging concept was launched, supporters will now have the opportunity to vote live during the race, as to which driver they wish to receive their Boost.

Instead of closing in the build up to the race start, #FanBoost will now remain open for six minutes into the race. This provides fans with the opportunity to see how the start of the race plays out before determining who to vote for, if for example their favourite driver falls backward off the line, or perhaps save a wasted vote should they retire on the opening lap.

It will also now be even easier for fans to cast their vote, as on top of using the official FIA Formula E website and #FanBoost App, you can now vote through various social media platforms using hashtags. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users simply send a message including the hashtag #FanBoost, followed by a hashtag with the full name of the driver they wish to vote for e.g. #SimonaDeSilvestro or #BrunoSenna.

A leader board showing the results of the #FanBoost will also be broadcast in real-time during the opening laps of the race and will provide another exciting dynamic to the start of an ePrix.

As a result of these changes, drivers awarded the #FanBoost will now only have it apply to the car they jump in to at their mandatory pit stop.

#FanBoost Power Window

Nick Heidfeld, Bruno Senna

Unlike last year where #FanBoost awarded the three most popular drivers a 200kw only, for Season 2 drivers will instead be awarded a 180kw-200kw #FanBoost window.

This means drivers and teams can now make a strategy call, choosing for example to apply a rapid 200kw boost for a shorter period of time, or perhaps a more prolonged 180kw boost for a longer duration. It will all depend on the situation drivers find themselves in with the cars around them.

Like last year #FanBoost can only be deployed in one go.