#FormulaE Andretti on top of powertrain woes?…

Simona de Silvestro

The Amlin Andretti team have faced a multitude of powertrain issues throughout the first four days of Formula E pre-season testing at Donginton Park. In fact the teams only confirmed driver for the 2015/16 campaign and sole test driver, Simona de Silvestro, has so far been unable to complete a single timed lap.

However the American squad – who finished sixth in last years constructors championship – believe they may now be on top of the initial problems, subsequent coding error and battery issues – that have blighted their progress so far. Day four of the tests did at least see the team complete some installation laps and these seem to have provided vital information about Andretti Technologies in-house, season two powertrain.

Speaking with Autosports, Team Principle Roger Griffiths had the following to say:

“We’re a small team and taken on a lot of stuff ourselves, we’ve built the motor and inverter from scratch,” he said.

“It’s a huge challenge, but something we’ve relished, because it’s very exciting.

“It’s all new technology so it’s not something you can buy off the shelf [to fix a problem].

“Even those installation laps, it’s data we never had before in this configuration and we’re improving the technology as we go.

“It’s immensely valuable.”

“We want to go to Beijing having run as many cars as possible and not turn up with equipment that hasn’t run,” he added.

“Our plan is two have two drivers for the final test – in an ideal world.

“We’ve got to make sure it doesn’t become a difficult situation because then you’ve got two cars with issues sat in the garage and not one.

“We have a limited amount of time [left], and we’ll look at it.”


This breakthrough couldn’t come soon enough for the Andretti team, who without a solution would have faced the decision of having to run last years Spark SRT_01E standardised powertrain – an option already taken by Team Aguri. Fingers crossed the team find greater success over the remaining two test days.

Formula eDiary will be at Donington Park to bring you news from the third and final week of pre-season testing. Earlier this week we spoke to Andretti driver Simona de Silvestro; follow the link to see what she had to say ahead of the new Formula E season…


#FormulaE #DriveTheFuture



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