FIA approves 2015/16 #FormulaE manufacturers

The FIA has announced today the eight manufacturers that will provide Formula E teams with their 2015/16 powertrains.

In a change from the inaugural season, season 2 of the all-electric championship allows manufacturers to develop and innovate their own bespoke powertrains, rather than use the standardised units of 2014/15.

The components of the powertrain include:

  • Electric motor
  • Inverter
  • Gearbox
  • Cooling system

Scope has been limited to the powertrain for season 2 in order to control costs and drive innovative approaches and investment in this most important area; after all, one of the key foundations of Formula E is to serve as a framework for R&D around electric vehicles. For now, the likes of costly aerodynamic developments will have to wait as all other parts on the car will remain the same.

Eight of the ten Formula E teams have elected to develop their own powertrain. Dragon Racing however, will run the powertrain developed by Venturi, whilst Team Aguri are to keep with the standardised unit from season 1.



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