#FormulaE Canadian ePrix Sept. 2016

During a press conference at City Hall, the mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre made it clear that Montreal would be holding an ePrix in the near future.

‘I met those in charge of the championship and for me, it’s settled. It’s no longer a question of whether, but when. There will be Formula E in Montreal’.

With Montreal celebrating its 375th anniversary next year, Coderre made it clear that the Formula E will be part of a wide range of events and activities:

‘I aim for September 2016 to coincide with a big event for 375th anniversary of Montreal. I spoke with Alain Prost, with Sir Richard Branson, Michael Andretti and they were all very enthusiastic. It won’t be difficult to convince them’, he continued.

He also said that he had spoken to many of the former F1 drivers who now race in Formula E.

‘Eleven of the twenty pilots in the championship have already flown here for Formula 1 and they all like it. They want to go back to Montreal, which is in the top 3 races of the year in Formula 1’.

Acknowledging that there was still no official agreement in place, Coderre concluded by saying that an agreement just needed to be written.

‘I tell you that it’s coming’, he concluded.


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