#BerlinEPrix Mixed Feelings for Piquet

Nelson Piquet Jr produced a stunning comeback drive in Berlin to claim 5th position after starting 13th, however his performance was somewhat overshadowed by his championship rival Lucas di Grassi winning the race and extending his championship lead.

‘I’m pleased but we are fighting for the championship and want to be on the podium every race. We’ve been in the top 5 for the last few race and so we’ve always been up there’.

After a disappointing start to season, Piquet went on a fantastic run of form, scoring four podiums in his last five races. Unfortunately he was let down by a poor qualifying performance, which left him in just 13th place.

‘Qualifying didn’t help us…I don’t really know what happened but we just missed something. I told our team that we would have to smart. We knew that there would be a lot of traffic where I am’.

Piquet ended up running a long first stint, made possible by his fantastic battery conservation. By lap 15 he had 8% more battery remaining than the leaders, allowing him to run a more aggressive second stint.  He admitted that he had to teach himself how to save battery power whilst maintaining pace:

‘It’s something that I’ve learnt to develop and understand without losing track time. Not only that but you can’t lose track position…it’s a psychological game’.

‘I tried to attack at the right stages and save energy at the right stages which seemed to work’, he continued. ‘I managed to save a lap of energy and with the second car I was able to have a quicker second lap of the race, which allowed me to recover a lot of track position’.

Despite his performance, he was clearly frustrated that his rival Lucas di Grassi had extended his championship lead. ‘We did the most we could with the situation that we had but obviously we can’t let situations like this repeat. We need to be at the top of our game at every stage of the weekend’.

With just three races remaining, he’ll be hoping to take maximum points in Russia to put pressure on Lucas di Grassi.

#BerlinEPrix #FormulaE #DriveTheFuture


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