#BerlinEPrix Di Grassi disqualified! D’Ambrosio claims win

Lucas di Grassi - meets the fans

Lucas di Grassi has been stripped of his Berlin ePrix win, after the ABT team were found to have made modifications to the front wing and front wheel faring of the car. Using ‘non-standardised components’ is the official declaration from the stewards.

The outfit have until 9pm local time to appeal the decision.

Should the decision stand it will have huge ramifications on the Championship battle as Di Grassi looses 25 points and drops down to 3rd place behind Sebastien Buemi, and 10 points behind new championship leader Nelson Piquet.

All this means Dragon Racings’ Jerome D’Ambrosio inherits the race win, landing the teams first Formula E victory.

We’ll bring you more news as we hear it.




3 thoughts on “#BerlinEPrix Di Grassi disqualified! D’Ambrosio claims win

  1. Seems like they’re not protesting the result… http://www.fiaformulae.com/en/news/2015/may/di-grassi-excluded-from-dhl-berlin-eprix.aspx This is completely ridiculous. Lucas didn’t put a foot wrong, so unfair. They should have protested because the front wing offers no advantage, it was just done for repairs. And worst of all Crashgate, homophobic and violent thug for hire Piquet now leads the championship… Well, Di Grassi is certainly getting my fanboost vote now.


    • Judging by Lucas di Grassi’s tweet, he’s coming out all guns blazing come Russia. Let’s hope this doesn’t ruin the championship fight…


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