Di Grassi on #FormulaE and the Championship Battle

Lucas di Grassi - meets the fans

Lucas di Grassi arrives in Berlin without a win since the inaugural race in Beijing. It might therefore come as a surprise that he’s leading the championship, but his consistency at the front end of the grid has been truly remarkably. In a wide ranging interview with Bild.de, di Grassi talks about the challenges of Formula E and the state of the championship battle.

‘Physically, Formula E is less strenuous than endurance racing, but mentally Formula E is more demanding’. He claims this is because Formula E is about using ‘the energy strategically’.

Asked to compare Formula 1 and Formula E, both of which have an event this weekend, di Grassi makes it clear that whilst they are completely different series, Formula E’s entertainment value is better for the fans.

‘Formula 1 has a different character, a much longer tradition. But if you define excitement and entertainment on positions duels and overtaking manoeuvres, then the Formula E race in Berlin is more interesting for the fans. The race will offer a lot more overtaking compared to Monaco’.

With 100 points still up for grabs, the championship battle remains as tight as ever. Nelson Piquet Jr is just four points behind the Brazilian, whilst Monaco winner Sebastian Buemi and his teammate Prost are also within a win of the championship leader.

Despite his lead, di Grassi makes it clear that he’ll be attacking for the race win in Berlin. ‘I cannot speculate on the points situation. I compete every race to win it.  I will be aggressive in Berlin also’ I believe that if I keep doing my best success will come inevitably’.

This Saturdays Berlin ePrix is shaping up to be a real classic, with the track being described as a real ‘drivers circuit’, and with the battle for the Championship heating up every point becomes vital.

And as always, be sure to join us live for the race on our twitter page @FormulaEDiary.

#BerlinEPrix #FormulaE #DriveTheFuture


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