#FormulaE Midseason review: Onscreen Graphics & Information

Formula E is continually looking for feedback in order to help this brand new and evolving motor sport series grow into the best show it can be. Whilst few would argue the series has so far done a fantastic job and far exceeded all expectation, there are areas in which it can improve.

During this mid-season break before Formula E embarks on its European leg, we have decided we would like to gauge fan opinion on various topics. We will be compiling poll results and a range of comments and tweets that we receive on these topics, into posts that we hope to present to the sport for their consideration.

The first area that we are asking for your feedback on is…

Graphics and Information:


fevisuals onboard

On-board graphics are a topic that tend to come up on our twitter feed during races. Some fans are generally happy, whilst we’ve heard others say they find them a bit confusing and cluttered. This means something more can be done. We’d like to hear what your opinion is on them and what changes you would make, if any. Spacing; Colour; Size; Do you know what is being displayed? Is it being displayed enough?



So far these provide fans with the information on: driver position, timing gaps, FanBoost, battery percentage, a circuit tracker and when a driver-team radio message is being aired.

fevisuals timingsfevisuals fanboost

Is there anything you feel is missing or would like to see, perhaps based on your experience of watching other motorsports? Maybe you are new to motor racing and feel something in particular would help your viewing? Maybe you would like one of the existing race graphics to be displayed more regularly, or expanded upon; such as the team radio displaying who is talking etc…


Pit Stops

fevisuals pitstop

Because of the length of time cars spend in the pit lane in Formula E things can often get a little confusing as the race order begins to shuffle. Pit Stop durations themselves can last longer than a racing lap and when you have cars pitting on different laps, it can take up to several laps before the true racing order is finally revealed again. How do you feel you are able to keep track of Formula E cars around the pit stops?

Whatever thoughts you have on this topic, we would like to hear from you. So as well as the polls, please send us your expanded thoughts and opinions via:

Twitter: Tweet us @FormulaEDiary using the hastag #FEgraphics

Email: contact@formulaediary.com

Or leave us a message in the comments below

Fan feedback is the most valuable of all. We look forward to hearing from you!


Written by Tom Clancy


6 thoughts on “#FormulaE Midseason review: Onscreen Graphics & Information

  1. I do think the onboard graphics are a bit cluttered and confusing, but the biggest problem of all is how tiny all the writing is in the first place. I watch most stuff on a 24″ monitor from about 2-3m away, and I can barely ever read the positions. White on light blue is a bad choice for readability anyway, but the font is way too small. I get on fine with the F1 onscreen graphics, you’d think they could just replicate those.


    • Those are likely trademarked to high heaven and back, just like anything else Bernie the poison dwarf touches. but changing the colours might be handy. I realise they’re currently using the Formula E ‘corporate colours’, but for the sake of clarity, they could indeed do with changing.


  2. There is a lot of information contained in a small screen area in the graphics. Too much. It ends up becoming a distraction. Besides, remember that lots of people are watching on electronic devices and are completely unable to decipher any of the information at that scale.


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