#SwissEPrix: Possible Zurich layout?

Last month the Swiss Council of States granted Formula E an exemption to the ban against motor sports in Switzerland. Just a few weeks a later, TagesAnzeiger – a Zurich newspaper – has speculated that an ePrix could come as soon as 2016/2017.

zurich eprix

The 3.4km circuit would feature a variety of corners, including a quick sequence at the end of the lap. This envisioned layout also proposes the pit lane entrance would be situated at turn 4, following a trend seen at Long Beach and in Buenos Aires where the pits are situated away from the start finish line.

One interesting thing about the layout is the length of the circuit. Current Formula E tracks vary between 2-3km in length, as longer tracks will put a significant strain on the batteries. For the 2016/17 season, Formula E cars will be allowed to produce up to 200kW of power during races; a significant increase from the 150kW of the 2014/15 cars. This increased pace could mean that existing Formula E tracks will be lengthened to the 3-4km range for future seasons. For reference, the Long Beach ePrix circuit is just 2.1km is length.

Formula E is currently working on the details for the Swiss ePrix, including the final selection of the city. However this location – incorporating the Limmat River – looks like it would make a great choice…

(image: http://www.bestourism.com/img/items/big/7425/Zurich_Limmat-river_11994.jpg)

So what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the Swiss ePrix in the comments section below, or head on over to our twitter @FormulaEDiary and join the discussion as we build up to this Saturdays Long Beach EPrix!


Written by: Anil Parmar


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