#LongBeachEPrix: Mixed Strategies and More Energy

The streets of Long Beach California play host to Round 6 of the FIA Formula E championship this weekend, marking the half-way point in the season.

Taking place on a shortened 2.1km stretch of the circuit made famous by the likes of Formula 1 and IndyCar, the race will see 39 laps of electric racing. What makes this race an even more exciting prospect, is that the circuit itself – with its long straights and seven corners – will be less energy intensive. This will allow the cars to push hard during the race and offers teams the potential to plan different race strategies; rather than all darting into the pits on a similar lap due to battery life.

“It’s fantastic to be going to an iconic circuit like Long Beach,” says Roberto Dlacic, Renault Sport Technologies engineer assigned to the FIA Formula E Championship.“The drivers and spectators are really going to enjoy themselves on this layout. The track’s wide and quick and that’s going to lead to interesting, exciting racing. Long Beach is a circuit that doesn’t require a lot of energy so the drivers can push hard and use different out-of-sync strategies. The ePrix already looks like it’s going to be one of the classics of this championship, which has continued to provide gripping, lively competition since the start!”

For more information on the Long Beach ePrix, be sure to check out our race preview: http://formulaediary.com/2015/04/01/longbeacheprix-preview-california-here-we-come/

And please join us on twitter as we look ahead to Saturdays race: @FormulaEDiary

Written by Tom Clancy


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