#FormulaE updates its regulations

Constructors for the second season of Formula E will now be able to develop some suspension components, the FIA have confirmed.

The current Spark-Renault suspension had come under criticism from many fans after a series of failures in the opening races, including Lucas Di Grassi’s failure in Argentina when he was forced to retire from the lead of the race. An update was taken to the Miami ePrix, however the extremely bumpy nature of the circuit led to Bruno Senna suffering from two separate failures over race day.

The FIA has published updated technical regulations for Formula E, which include detailed specifications for suspension.  This follows on from the news that the second and third seasons of Formula E will see a power increase for the cars, with the 2016/17 cars to have 250 kW of power available during the races.

The regulation change means that season two manufacturers will be able to design parts of the rear suspension. At present, the rear suspension interacts with the transmission casing, but the transmission is one of many areas available for teams to develop.

The ‘spec series’ nature of the sport has so far provided some excellent racing. We can only hope that this continues as battery and chassis development starts from next season onwards.

Written by: Anil Parmar


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