#FormulaE To Race In Moscow

From Formula E’s inception, we have been told the inaugural season will feature 10 races, however the location of the tenth race has been somewhat of a mystery since the season started. Today, the FIA have announced that on June 6th, Formula E will arrive in Moscow for what will be round nine of the FIA Formula E Championship.

There was always some uncertainty around the mystery location for the ‘Round Nine’ on the calendar but Russia makes sense from a geographical perspective. Moscow, which sits at the Western point of Russia, adds another European round to the Formula E championship. Given that there were rumours about London potentially holding two rounds of championship in back-to-back fashion, it’s clear that the FIA and the Formula E governing body were looking to add another European venue to the calendar, and Russia was a strong candidate due to its recent revival in the motorsport world.

Russia’s presence in FIA-accredited motorsport series has been on the rise in recent years, with the successful debuts of the WTCC at the fantastic Moscow Raceway in 2012 and Formula One race in Sochi showing that there is clearly a strong appetite in the country for Motorsport. There is also Daniil Kvyat, a Russian driver signed to the Red Bull Formula One team, who will surely become a hero to many young Russians looking to start a career in Motorsport.

Speaking to the Formula E website, Jean Todt said: ‘It (Formula E) fits perfectly in the FIA’s traditional role as a leading promoter of innovation, technology and performance in the automotive sector. I am sure Moscow will enjoy the event’’.


The circuit, which runs alongside the Moskva River, looks surprisingly high speed for a street circuit, with no slow corners until T11.  Turns 2-6 immediately grab our attention and will likely prove to be a great challenge for the drivers, whilst a series of slow, technical corners at the end of the circuit will provide drivers with opportunities to overtake. The circuit layout alone suggests that this event could be a massive success.

Russia’s introduction now means that the Berlin ePrix has been moved forward by one week and will now take place on May 23rd. The adjusted calendar now looks like this:

Round 5 – Miami ePrix, USA, March 14 2015

Round 6 – Long Beach ePrix, USA, April 4 2015

Round 7 – Monaco ePrix, Monaco, May 9 2015

Round 8 – Berlin ePrix, Germany, May 23 2015

Round 9 – Moscow ePrix, Russia, June 6 2015

Round 10 – London ePrix, UK June 27 2015

Written by: Anil Parmar


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