Formula E presents its Safety Car

Formula E took the opportunity to unveil its proposed Safety Car during the 5th and final day of pre-season testing at Donington Park.

The thousands of fans who had turned up to attend were treated to their first look at the chosen BMW i8 – officially entitled the Qualcomm Safety Car.

Safety Car

Formula E’s technical team used the test to help evaluate two BMW i8’s and two BMW i3’s – aimed at being the official Safety, Medical and Extraction cars for the series.

These course cars will be fitted with Qualcomm Halo™ wireless charging technology – an inductive charging system allowing the car battery to be charged without the use of cables. The technology uses resonant magnetic induction to transfer energy between a ground-based pad and a charging pad fitted to the underside of the vehicle. The cars simply park over the base pad and charging automatically starts.

The Safety Car will be driven by experienced Portuguese driver Bruno Correia – official FIA-WTCC safety car driver since 2009. The medical and extraction cars will be overseen by FIA Medical Delegate Dr Phil Rayner and his team. Cars will be positioned at the end of the pitlane, charging wirelessly, ready to be rapidly deployed during practice, qualifying and the race.

Written by Tom Clancy


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