Photography tips for Donington #FETest

Taking your camera with you to Formula E Testing at Donington to snap some pics of the cars in action? We’ve put together this guide for you.

The circuit can be notoriously tricky to photograph at – unless you are lucky enough to have a media pass to get you in the prime spots – with wire fences obscuring your view in many locations.

Here’s our Top 5 places to head to for the shots you want:

Donington Map1

1. Panning


Take the tunnel to the inside of the circuit and head left to turn one and two. It’s the perfect pair of corners to track the cars through, as you can watch them arrive from down the main straight and follow them from left to right as they gradually accelerate through. The Pit Straight grandstand is another good, nearby alternative.

2. Running wide


Sandwiched between two main straights, the tricky little left-right of the Fogarty Esses has caused many drivers to take a trip over the gravel during testing so far. You might even see a car end up in the tyres on the outside of the track.

3. Lock-Ups


The entry to the Melbourne hairpin is a great choice is you want to catch a car locking a wheel. The cars break as late as they can for this hairpin having reached top speed down the back straight.

4. Close-Ups


You’ll need to put your camera up against the fencing but looking back towards the exit of the Melbourne hairpin is possibly the best location to get some real close ups of the cars at slow speed.

5. Rear view


If you want to get some shots of the Formula E cars from behind, head around the outside of the circuit to McLeans where you can watch the cars exiting the corner & making the short climb up to Coppice. If you are going to this corner, be aware that you can usually only access it by walking clockwise around the track & then back the way you came.

Formula E Diary #Fanshare

We would love to put a gallery of Fans pictures together from testing.


Whether you’re an amateur photographer, a dab hand, or just a fan of the selfie, we would love you to share your photo’s from Formula E Testing with us!

Tweet your pictures to @formulaediary with the hashtag #FanShare

Or email them to us:

So please get in touch!

Written by Tom Clancy



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